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Hydro Prokav offers Wide Variety of high performance Triple-Screw Pumps which are highly efficient in handling a wide range of liquids with varying viscosity at high pressures, for use in a variety of industrial and marine applications. The pumps are manufactured using premium quality materials matched to service requirements.

Hydro Prokav Three screw pumps employ just three screw elements-one power screw and two idler screws running in the three precision bores in the housing or liner. The screws are so profiled that they form a liquid tight seal between the thread. As the screws rotate, pocket/cavities are formed where liquid gets trapped and conveyed from one end of the screws to the other end –similar to the action of the piston pump with extremely low noise and vibration levels, almost impossible to be achieved by any other design of positive displacement or other types.

The power rotor does not drive the idlers as commonly believed. The hydraulic forces acting on the screw flanks turns the idlers torquelessly thus reduce the friction. Thus idler simply roll over the root diameter of main screws and float freely in casing/liner bores. Large surface areas on idlers dia. reduce the unit pressure centralize the power rotor and absorb the redial loads. A balance piston integrally machined on power rotor takes care of axial thrusts.


Casing  :    Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Stainless Steel
Liner   :    Cast Iron, Cast Stainless Steel
Screws   :    Alloy Steel, Nitried Steel & Stainless Steel


  • High reliability
  • Long Service Life
  • Negligible Maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Self Priming
  • Smooth Pulsation Free Flow
  • Low Noise and Vibration
  • High Speed Capability
  • Insensitive to viscosities
  • High Pressure Capability
  • Axial flow – No churning , Chewing or shearing
  • Excellent suction capability
  • Hydraulic balancing of forces eliminates need for any bearings
  • Fast, Easy replacement of Parts
  • Mounting configurations to fit any spaces limitation :-Horizontal, Vertical, Close-Coupled ,Sump
  • In – Line Construction enables simplified piping arrangement.
  • ANSI or DIN flanges

While in operation, the screws are in hydrodynamics balance on film lubrication and do not require any additional bearings. The one ball bearing often used is only for axial positioning of rotor and safer operation of mechanical seals. Small rotor dimensions enable the pump to be operated at high speeds directly coupled 3000 or 3600 RPM motors or other prime movers. Such unique design and features had demonstrated excellent reliability with pumps in operation continuously non- stop for decades together without replacement of any components or maintenance on clean fluids.

Key Features – Benefits that Reduce life cycle cost

    • Maximum Reliability of System to Increase Revenue
  • Pumps delivers smooth flows with minimum pulsations
  • Hydraulically balanced screws
  • Lower Maintenance Costs by up to 50 %
  • Pumping elements contained in one cartridge assembly
  • Fast, easy replacement of parts
  • Reduced overhaul turn around time
  • No timing gears required and fewer wearable parts
  • One or no bearings required and fewer wearable parts

Versatility to meet Customer Specification

  • Custom design fabricated pump and per API standards
  • A choice of shaft seals for every application
  • Mounting configurations to fit in any space limitations: Horizontal, Vertical, Close Coupled, Sump
  • In – line construction enables simplified piping arrangements
  • ANSI or Din Flanges
  • One pump size designed to offer flexibility in flow

Technical Specification

Capacity : From 1 to 400 M3/Hr
Pressure : Up to 64 Kg/cm2
Viscosity : 1-1, 00,000 Centre  stoke
Temperature: Up to 300 .C

Pump Series

KTS – Series Triple Screw Pump

  • General Pump with Cast Iron construction.
  • Maximum flow 250 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure : 10 KG/CM2
  • Maximum Temperature : 120 ° C
  • Maximum Viscosity : 750 CST
  • Mounting : Horizontal Mounting. Certain Models are available in Vertical Mounting

Typically Confirms to API 676
KTS HC – Series Triple Screw Pump

  • Special Pump with Heat Jacket Arrangement
  • Maximum flow 250 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure : 10 KG/CM2
  • Maximum Temperature : 350 ° C
  • Maximum Viscosity : 3550 CST
  • Mounting : Horizontal Mounting

Optionally available to API 676
KTS NH – Series Triple Screw Pump

      • Special Pump with option of Heat Jacket Arrangement
      • Maximum flow 150 M3/hr
      • Maximum Pressure : 40 KG/CM
      • Maximum Temperature : 150 ° C & 350 ° C for Heat Jacket
      • Maximum Viscosity : 750 CST
      • Mounting : Horizontal Mounting & Vertical Mounting
      • Option of Various Material of construction line SS 304 / SS 316.

User Industries

  • Cement Industry
  • Power Stations
  • Petro Chemical Refineries
  • Oil Depots
  • Ship Building Industry
  • Rayon, Staple fibres
  • Steel Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Paper Mills
  • Food Processing Industries Breweries
  • Bitumen and Asphalt Industries

These Pumps are designed for handling clear viscous liquids and are suitable for different pressures upto 70 bars. The pumping elements comprise of a power screw and two idler screws, running in a close fitting insert. The idler screws serve to maintain the closed chambers that pump the liquid. Each screw is provided with a drum so that axial forces are hydraulically balanced. The shaft seal chamber is connected internally to the inlet and the seal is therefore always subjected to the inlet and the seal is therefore always subject to inlet pressure only. The inserts screws and balancing bushes together with bearing and seals for a replaceable cartridge that is located inside a casing. The pumps can be supplied in a variety of materials of construction and for various mounting arrangements.