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The Function

Our Gear Pumps belongs to family of Positive Displacement Pumps where in driving gear with internal tooth drives the Gear and turns in same direction inside the pump casing.During the rotation of the driving gear the liquid intake takes place at the suction and during the gear meshing, the liquid is displaced outside in the delivery side.


Advantages of Gear Pumps

  • Self priming pumps
  • Steady deliveries without pulsation for clear liquids or with little pulsation but
    without vibration and noise
  • Speed directionally proportional to capacity
  • Highly suitable to handle viscous clear liquids and temperature up to 250 Deg C
  • Can be offered with wide variety of material of construction to suit various corrosive media

Technical Specification

Capacity : From 10 Lph — 45,000 Lph
Pressure : up to 10 Kg/cm2
Viscosity : As Low as 1.0 Centre stoke — 300,000 Centre stoke


The Internal Ggear Pumps are use to handle the following clear fluids

  • Furnace Oil
  • Mineral Oil
  • Edible Oil
  • Petroleum Gelly
  • Paints & Varnishes
  • Solvents
  • Chemicals
  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Hot syrups

Type of Industries Using Gear Pumps

  • Brewery and Distillers
  • Cattle Feed
  • Chemical and Process
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Edible Oil
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Fertilizer
  • Fisheries
  • Man-made Fibres
  • Marine
  • Oil Exploration
  • Paint and Varnish
  • Paper pulp and Cellulose
  • Petrochemical and Refinery
  • Printing Ink
  • Soap and Detergent
  • Starch
  • Steel
  • Sugar
  • Sewage and Waste water treatment