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Series HHM(R) Pumps are also called heavy duty surry pumps. This kind of slurry pumps is suitable for delivering the strong abrasive, high density and low density, high head slurries, with wear parts and heavy duty supports.In the allowable range of pumps working pressure, the pumps could run in series to reach high head.

Material Advantage

The main Wear parts of Slurry pumps are wetted parts. Hydro prokav pumps adopts many kinds of anti-abrasive materials to extended the lifetime of Wetted parts.

The Wetted parts material of construction for standard HHM Series pumps is high Chrome alloy and for series HHR is natural rubber. High Chrome alloy is wear resistant White iron that offer s excellent performance wetted parts such as EPDM, Hypalon,Hast alloy,CD4MCU, Chloroprene rubber, adhesive and other anti-abrasive materials as desired by the customer

Shaft Seal

The shaft type mainly adopts packing Seal and Centrifugal Seal.(Machancal Seal option is also available). Mechanical seal has very good Sealing effect, but it is of high cost and requires the flush water strictly.

Drive Type

The pump could be connected directly to the prime mover through coupling or through V belt drive, gear reducer and VFD, SCR control etc. Typical pictures of various types of connections are as below