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  • Progressive Cavity Pumps

    HYDRO PROKAV KM 2000 SERIES PUMPS Hydro Prokav KM 2000 Series pumps are built with rugged gear-type universal joint which is the effective solution t

  • Twin Screw Pumps

    THE FUNCTION The working principle of Hydro Prokav dual flow Twin Screw Pumps is dependent on the rotation of the two screw spindles in the closed co

  • Triple screw pumps

    THE FUNCTION Hydro Prokav offers Wide Variety of high performance Triple-Screw Pumps which are highly efficient in handling a wide range of liquids w

  • Sanitary Lobe pumps

    The principle of operation of our Sanitary Lobe pumps are two synchornized rotors (Lobes) rotating against each other build chambers towards the casin

  • Gear Pumps

    The Function Our Gear Pumps belongs to family of Positive Displacement Pumps where in driving gear with internal tooth drives the Gear and turns in s

  • Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

    Introducton Series HHM(R) Pumps are also called heavy duty surry pumps. This kind of slurry pumps is suitable for delivering the strong abrasive, hig

  • Solar Pumps

    Features No inverter-D.C.Directly to Solar array Rugged Construction Simple Instalation and Maintenance Highly Reliable Applications

  • Chemical Pumps

    PVDF Heavy-Duty Process Pumps The Applications in Chemical Processing Industry. Process Plant Construction in Demanding Environment Most often